'From the crystal waters of te waka aa maui, to the world of change that is now, comes Pounamu.'

Te Kaha is known as "He Maangai Pounamu",
He who speaks the language of Pounamu,

the ancient healing stone of Aotearoa.

In the Pounamu world that Te Kaha lives in, working and shaping the stone is about being able to take the self out of the equation and let the tipuna (ancestors) and the wairua (essence) come to the fore to reveal the true taonga that is the Pounamu.

As well as hand-carving unique taonga (treasures), he travels the world sharing the language of Pounamu and facilitates waanana (workshops) to encourage all people to connect their inner self to the mauri (energy) of the Pounamu.


by Te Kaha & Whaanau

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 hand-crafted by Te Kaha & Whaanau, made to your specific requirements.

To chizel away that which is no longer needed, to reveal the true taonga within.

The female essence made visible.

When we remember the way of "enough", rather than live in the world of "more".

From the beginning of time,
a promise made to hold.

There - who wears the mako - is the significant person.

An ancient view of compassion.

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To let the Atua and the wairua come to the fore to reveal the true taonga, that is  Pounamu.

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