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Throughout these workshops, Te Kaha shares with participants huge amounts of information concerning the origins of Pounamu, the usage of Pounamu, the ancient names of Pounamu, why these aspects were a part of traditional Maori culture, and much much more. Including a full translation of all Maori phrases, words and meanings.

All necessary materials are provided. Workshops have a maximum number of 10 participants. 14 is the youngest age, and there is no upper limit.

If you are interested in hosting Te Kaha for a Pounamu workshop - or have any further questions - please contact us at 
All Te Kaha's upcoming workshops can be viewed here.

As a medium, Pounamu has an incredible ability to allow each one of us to concentrate and focus our abilities. Pounamu is such that it can draw negative energy from the person, either wearing or working it. Negativity can come in many forms, but the primary function of Pounamu is healing:

- Healing the Tinana (body)
- Feeding the Wairua (essence)

- Supporting the Mauri (energy)"   

Te Kaha offers a wide variety of workshops, that take either a one-day or three-day format. 
These include:
- Whao Pounamu - Chisel (3 day)
- Paakahawhai Pounamu - Fish Hook (3 day)
- Maaripi Pounamu - Cutting Instrument (3 day) 
- Toki Pounamu- Adze (1 day)

All Pounamu workshops, where participants work with and make their own taonga - to either wear or to use - are about creating a connection between the​ Pounamu, the esoteric understanding of the origins of Pounamu, the healing nature of the stone and it's relationship to the wearer. (more below)

These are traditions that have been practiced by my people for thousands of years. These traditions are also extremely healing for us men. Many of us have been damaged. I can think of no better gift a man can give the emerging child than to be the first human touch upon entry into the world of light. The bond that is created between ourselves as 'Taane' (men) and our child is everlasting, not just for this world but forever. - Te Kaha

- Talks on Hapuutanga
- Waanana (Workshops) on Hapuutanga: Half-Day, Full-Day, Three Days
- Private Sessions: for both individuals and couples

If you're​ interested in hosting Te Kaha to speak or teach Hapuutanga,
His upcoming Hapuutanga events can be found here.


​To ​arrange a Private Hapuutanga session with Te Kaha,

'The Way of Pregnancy': Traditional Maori Birthing Practices,
from the Taane (Male) Perspective


Hapuutanga can be translated as 'the way of pregnancy'. 

As well as the esoteric though very important concepts behind these traditions, Hapuutanga covers practices such as massage, communicating and comforting and reassuring - through touch - the emerging spirit. Also oriori, the ancient art of conveying energy, information and once again reassurance through tone and vibration orally.

Maori always understood that it was not just the woman that was pregnant. One of the foundations I try to instil in all couples, is the concept of 'we' are pregnant, not 'she' is pregnant. This is why a major component of the wananga hapuutange is directed straight at us taane (men). Because it is men who have been sidelined and marginalised within the pregnancy and birthing process. In ancient Tuuhoe tradition it was the husband, father or even brother who was the main kai mahi hapuu (birthing doula). We as men need to re-assert ourselves in supporting, encouraging and empowering women through bringing into this world the spirits who have chosen us to be their guardians. 


Te Kaha and his family live self-sustainably and in natural harmony with their whenua (land) - on a sacred mountain of his people, in the North-Eastern edge of the Urewera, Te Kaha’s tribal homeland. And his wife and collaborator Christina, along with their three wonderful children, play a seamless part in all Pounamu, connections and experiences created.

Always weaving his personal story and perspective into his sharings, Te Kaha offers a variety of talks on the Tūhoe Maori worldview, including on Hapuutanga and Pounamu (​information on both of these below).  

To request Te Kaha to speak at your event - or if you'd like to 
​enquire further about his offerings  - please reach out to

His upcoming speaking events can be found here.

Transformational Teachings from Ngāi Tūhoe

Te Kaha is a far-travelled advocate and spokesperson of Ngai Tuuhoe, the first nation people of Aotearoa (New Zealand); representing and sharing some of the ancient knowledge of his people. 

In these times of transition on Earth, his heart-led intention is to be a guide in the transformation and empowerment of others; in the essential reconnection with themselves and with the natural world, as shown to him by his tipuna (ancestors).

The wisdom of his ancestors is clearly perceived within the teachings he shares, and as well as sharing some of this ancient knowledge, he guides by telling his personal story of reconnection with his whakapapa (genetic roots), his ohoake (awakening) from addiction, and how he has come to re-focus his life on the perpetual wisdom and mental liberation, that this reconnection has empowered him with.


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