From the mists of Tuhoe...

Te Kaha is a far-travelled advocate and spokesperson of Ngai Tuhoe and Ngati Kahungunu, the first nation people of Aotearoa (New Zealand), representing and sharing the ancient knowledge of his people. 

The wisdom of his ancestors is clearly perceived within the teachings he shares - particularly within the realm of Pounamu.

Te Kaha is a master pounamu practitioner, educator and spokesperson who has honed his skillset and craft over three decades. His repertoire includes hei tiki pounamu, hei taonga, mere pounamu, patu pounamu, patu onewa, and large scale toki and hei matau. 

Te Kaha’s pounamu pieces have gained a reputation nationally and internationally for their beautiful finish, balance and mauri. His pounamu are held in private collections in Aotearoa and overseas.

Te Kaha has worked extensively overseas in Europe, Asia and the UK as well as in Aotearoa presenting wānanga pounamu and exhibiting his collections. Over the long decades of his work he has developed his knowledge base of pounamu, and in particular, hei tiki pounamu, through wananga with kaumatua and tohunga. He has also examined collections in museums across Aotearoa and overseas and also private collections in Aotearoa and Hawai’i. 

After creating, researching and facilitating wānanga pounamu both nationally and internationally over many years, Te Kaha is able to share mātauranga that has been entrusted to him and offer learning experiences that are unparelled in his field in the world today.

In this time of great transition on Earth, his heart-led mission is to be a guide in the transformation and empowerment of others, in their essential reconnection with themselves and with the natural world, as shown to him by his tipuna (ancestors).

As well as sharing the knowledge of his tipuna (ancestors), he guides by telling his personal story of reconnection with his whakapapa (genetic roots), his ohoake (awakening) from addiction, and how he has come to re-focus his life on the perpetual wisdom and freedom from mental slavery.

Born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland,my whakapapa is pictish celtic and  my people have always worked with stone, we are also ancient water peoples and each time I return to my homelands I get strengthened with a connection back to the Pounamu.  The earth-based teaching I recieve living and raising tamariki within te Ao Mārama have shaped who I am and the creations we make today. 
I am Self-taught and work mainly with silver.  I contribute with the crafting of the Pounamu in making one-off silver pieces, including rings, earrings and cuffs as well as assisting with the binding of the taonga.
I have always loved to incorporate the Pounamu with silver in a modern context.  The rings we make are a reflexion of this relationship and togetherness"
We have 3 beautiful tamariki (children) who have been raised with the Pounamu.

They live in natural harmony with their              on a mountain of Te Kaha's people, in the North-Eastern edge of the Urewera, his tribal homeland; where the whole family play a seamless part in creating our Taonga Pounamu (pounamu treasures).

To let the Atua and the wairua come to the fore to reveal the true taonga, that is  Pounamu.

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