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​ ​Tangata Rau Whero (indigenous peoples of Aotearoa)have understood the word Pounamu for thousands of years. The rest of the world have known it as Jade or 'greenstone'.


We also understand Pounamu as a tipuna (an ancestor). As such, we know it to be an extension of the natural world we live in. This is why - when we speak of Pounamu - we do not speak of it as an inanimate object.

I share how my ancestors, as well as modern day people, participate in and understand the amazing gifts that Pounamu presents us with.  The ability to connect with the natural world of pounamu and rediscover it's transformative gifts.  Through the use of  tikangā and kawa, hoanga and orooro we bring into a modern setting, the accient world of  Te Ao Kōhatu.  


As a medium, Pounamu allows us to concentrate and focus our abilities. Pounamu can draw negative energy from the person, either wearing or working it. Negativity can come in many forms, but the primary function of Pounamu is healing:


Healing the Tinana (body)
       Feeding the Wairua (essence)

         Supporting the Mauri (energy)  

The Whānau Te Kaha offers a wide variety of workshops


1 day Wānanga

Hei Toki (chisel)

Hei Roimata (teardrop)

Hei Mako (shark tooth)

During the wānanga Pounamu (workshop) participants learn to tune themselves to their Pounamu. Through the use of Hine Hoanga they bring alive the true beauty of Poutini, finishing in the whiri (plaiting) of the taura, where by each participant leaves wearing their hei taonga pounamu.

These wānanga are about creating a connection between the​ Pounamu,  whakapapa of Pounamu and Poutini, the esoteric understanding of the origins of Pounamu, the healing nature of the stone and it's relationship to the wearer.

These wānanga usually run from 10am to 4pm

 A minimum of 10 participants with a maximum of 15 per wānanga.

We are able to travel anywhere in Te Ika Aa Māui (North Island) to host these wānanga.

Price upon application, whakapā mai.


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