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This one day workshop, where you work with a Toki that has been shaped by me but you the participant create the bond and bring forth the true beauty and the mauri of the stone when you finish shaping, polishing and binding your Hei Toki Pounamu.

Not only will you evolve a usable, workable taonga of great beauty, but you will learn an ancient chant, a traditional song, and create a lasting connection between yourself and your Pounamu.

I also like to incorporate traditional haka, and one reason for this is to invigorate the self and this energy is often translated into the mauri created between yourself and your Pounamu.

I bring and supply all of the necessary materials. The types of binding that are used are also traditional, although the waxed nylon binding material is contemporary, used for its strength.

My workshops have a maximum number of 10 participants. 14 is the youngest age. There is no upper limit.

Throughout this workshop, I will download to all participants information concerning the origins of pounamu, the usage of pounamu, the ancient names of pounamu, why these aspects were a part of traditional Maori culture, and much much more. Including a full translation of all Maori phrases, words and meanings.


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