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"Kia rongo ai tātou ki te ahuatanga o Poutini, i hau mai i Hawaiki"

Commission Pieces

An opportunity to have a commission piece made for you or your whānau (family). We can guide you through a process where you have an opportunity to kōrero (converse) with the carver to create a unique taonga that speaks about your kaupapa (subject) and be given the whakapapa (genealogy) of your taonga (treasure). Making this a truely distinctive piece of art.

Please contact us directly.....

Hei Tiki

After three decades of journeying with Poutini, Te Kaha now has an understanding of what the tīpuna (ancestors) have send forward in time regarding Poutini, Pounamu and Hei Tiki.

This mātauranga that has been entrusted with him is pre-the coming of James Cook and the missionary influence.

When this mātauranga hei tiki is re-seeded back to whānau (family), it creates a legacy of the past, for the present and living, as heirlooms for future bloodlines.

Mere Pounamu and Patu Pounamu are club weapons designed for combat but in todays world it is often ceremonial pieces.

Mere Pounamu, mirror of the Gods, mirror of death.

As Poutini it has Atua presence and its own mirror effect. 

It is harnessing the power of the Universe.

In todays world these Taonga are often used to mark special occasions and/or events that take place. Bringing these Taonga into your whānau to create a legacy that will travel in time .

Ngā wāhanga o te Patu:

Upoko/Head: Tipuna/Ancestor

Raparapa: Tinana

Rau: Top Blade

Kohao: hole for cord 

These Taonga are available in different. sizes and different varieties of Pounamu.

Prices vary depending on this information.

papa mere 4.jpg

mere pounamu / patu pounamu


Please contact us directly for information regarding this process.

Whakapā mai:

+64 (0)211157938

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